Botagoz Abisheva shared the experience of DBK at AIFC Connect: London 2024

On February 2, Botagoz Abisheva, Deputy Chairman of the Board of "Development Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC, spoke at the event "AIFC Connect: London 2024", organized by the International Financial Center "Astana". The platform brought together investors and financial experts from different countries to discuss business prospects in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

During the panel session "Debt Market of Kazakhstan: What's on the Horizon?", Botagoz Abisheva shared the successful achievements of the Bank in the local and international debt securities markets. According to the speaker, the Development Bank of Kazakhstan plays a key role in strengthening liquidity in the market for debt obligations in hard currency and is an important participant in the Kazakh bond market. 

"The Development Bank of Kazakhstan is a regular issuer in the international capital market, which enters the market every 1-2 years with eurobonds in US dollars and national currency, setting a benchmark for many other potential issuers in Kazakhstan. In addition, the Bank follows market trends, developing the local market, for example, by issuing local "green" bonds in December 2023," noted Botagoz Abisheva, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan.

Currently, DBK has five outstanding placements of Eurobonds totaling 1.2 billion US dollars, denominated in US dollars and tenge.

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