With the growth of the Bank’s investment activity, the technological complexity of projects increases, the scale of the project increases, the areas of investment become more diverse, which requires the use of independent professional expertise.

Therefore, at various stages of project review, the Bank engages or encourages its clients to engage external organizations to provide various types of expert services.

Accreditation / admission to the provision of services and inclusion of organizations in the List / Register of recommended organizations is carried out on the basis of a decision of the authorized body of the Bank / structural divisions of the Bank, as the Bank needs, upon receipt of a corresponding request from the borrower, applicant or upon receipt of a corresponding request from external organizations, subject to their compliance with the qualification requirements of the Bank.

Types of expert services

The involvement of a project consultant from the registry is advisory in nature. That is, the applicant can prepare a package of documents for the loan application independently, or with the involvement of a consulting company of his choice.

A project consultant from the registry can help prepare a complete and high-quality package of documents that meets the requirements of the Bank. This, in turn, will have a positive impact on the timing of consideration of the loan application, the quality of the project analysis and financing conditions.

  • Who is it?

This is a consulting company engaged by a potential borrower of the Bank to prepare a package of documents for an application for financing according to the requirements of the Bank

  • The interaction process looks like this:





A potential borrower submits an application to the Bank for project financing.

The bank considers the application in 3 stages:

1) Business proposal

2) Indicative analysis

3) Banking expertise

Each stage has its own list of documents* required for submission to the Bank.

The Bank initiates and recommends to the potential borrower the involvement of a consultant for the preparation/finishing of documents, including the main document - the business plan of the project.

A potential borrower may request the consultant to prepare documents before the «Business Proposal» stage or before the «Indicative Analysis» stage.


The composition of the consultant’s services is regulated by the contract between him and the potential borrower.

*The list of documents required for the consideration of the project at the stages of "Business Proposal", "Indicative analysis" and "Banking expertise" is posted on the Bank's website - https://www.kdb.kz/services/investment-projects/

  • How to get into the registry:

1. Fill out a questionnaire (see Documents and forms)

2. Prepare a package of documents according to the qualification requirements (see Documents and forms)

3. Send scanned versions of documents to email: nnavoi@kdb.kz,  bkabirova@kdb.kz

  • What benefits will your company get?

- Recommendation of your company to DBK clients as a potential consultant for the preparation of a project proposal

- Inclusion in a separate register to be published on our website

- Experience in implementing projects with DBK

1. In addition to publishing on the website, we will familiarize bankers (who work directly with the Bank's clients) and other departments with the register so that, if necessary, they recommend consultants to the Bank's clients;

2. We have prepared a guide book for consultants, which contains the necessary information on the Bank's lending activities, as well as the Bank's requirements for the package of documents. 

If you have any questions or suggestions:nnavoi@kdb.kz, bkabirova@kdb.kz 

For operational interaction, you can contact by phone: +7 (7172) 79 26 81 and /or send electronic information to e-mail: tad@kdb.kz

If you have any questions or suggestions:nnavoi@kdb.kz, bkabirova@kdb.kz

Consultant-auditor is an organization that provides services to confirm the amount of funds invested in an investment project
For operational interaction, you can contact by phone: +7 (7172) 79-2681 and / or send electronic information to e-mail: tad@kdb.kz