Credit products

Medium- and long-term financing of investment projects is aimed at creating new, expanding and updating existing industries, including the acquisition of assets, blocks of shares (participatory interest), property complexes.

  • The minimum loan amount is 7 billion tenge. For projects implemented in the production of food, beverages and public private partnership - 3 billion tenge
  • Loan term - from 5 to 20 years
  • The size of the company's own participation is at least 20% of the estimated amount of the investment project

Crediting of current activities is carried out within the framework of an investment project with the aim of replenishing working capital.

  • The maximum share of the loan to be provided is up to 40% of the amount of the approved credit line for the project, unless otherwise established by the decision of the authorized body
  • The term of the loan is less than the term of financing the investment project

Syndicated financing - is lending to investment projects, which is carried out through the joint participation of DBK and banks.

  • The minimum amount of financing - 7 billion tenge
  • The minimum amount of financing by the Bank is 3.5 billion tenge

Project financing - is lending to investment projects, the main source of payment of borrowed funds for which are cash flows and revenues from the implementation of the project.

  • The minimum loan amount is 7 billion tenge
  • Maximum loan term - up to 20 years
  • The amount of equity participation of the company: not less than 30% of the estimate cost of the investment project

Provision guarantees - рrovision of bank guarantees, securities and other liabilities for the third parties.

  • The minimum loan amount is 7 billion tenge
  • Maximum loan term - up to 20 years

Dear applicants and external consultants!

  • For convenience, the Bank has created a new page "External expert services".
  • On this page you will find all the necessary documents related to the involvement of external experts: lists of consultants and their contacts, qualification requirements, the Bank's requirements for consultants' reports, and more.

Application consideration procedure

Potential borrower application consideration procedure is divided into 3 stages. The total term for application consideration with provision of a full package of documents is 60 business days.

Preliminary consideration Business proposals are the first stage of reviewing your loan application.

The first stage is carried out on a free basis and is conducted within 5 working days, provided all the necessary information is provided.

With the growth of the Bank's investment activity, the technological complexity of projects is increasing, the scope of the project is increasing, the direction of investment becomes more diverse, which requires the use of independent professional expertise in the evaluation of projects. 

External evaluation of the project is carried out by specialized companies accredited by the Bank and included in the relevant list of companies, with the exception of an appraiser for external legal assessment, whose selection is carried out in accordance with the procedure provided for by the Bank's internal document, depending on the specifics of the issue requiring an external appraiser.

Banking expertise is conducted within 30 working days, provided all necessary information is provided.

Required documents

Qualification requirements for external valuers, external consultants, insurance brokers

Accreditation and inclusion of external valuers, external consultants, insurance brokers into the List shall be based on the resolution of the Bank’s authorized body, as need arises, when requested by the Borrower, Applicant and/or when requested by external valuers, external consultants, insurance brokers, provided that they meet the Bank’s qualification requirements.

The following qualification requirements for specialized organizations are approved in the Bank: 

Requirements for evaluating the technical feasibility of the project

The external appraiser, in preparing the report on the basis of the materials provided by the Applicant / Borrower, shall be guided by the requirements of the Bank, while maintaining the principle of independence and integrity of the external evaluation.

Requirements for marketing evaluation of the project

The report of the External Appraiser on the project should contain clear and unambiguous conclusions and recommended solutions, and also fully and independently reveal all project risks and the extent to which the Applicant / Borrower has studied the activities aimed at managing possible design risks.

The external evaluation report is an integral part of the loan application. In this regard, in order for a loan application to be registered with the Bank, it is necessary to prepare an external evaluation report in full compliance with the requirements of the Bank.

Procedure of interaction between the Bank, applicant, borrower, external valuer, external consultant and insurance broker

The external evaluation is based on the Contract between the Applicant, the Borrower, external valuer and external consultant.

Insurance broker’s services for insurance and/or reinsurance contracts conclusion for the identified Project risks shall be provided based on the Brokerage Services Agreement between the Borrower, the Applicant and insurance broker, taking into account the Bank's recommendations to the Agreement

The Applicant, the Borrower, external valuer, external consultant and insurance broker shall take into account the following recommendations approved by the Bank’s Management Board when drawing up the Expert Services Agreement:

The Applicant / Borrower and the External Appraiser at any stage of the preparation of the report may apply to the Bank for advice on clarifying the Bank's requirements for an external evaluation.

In case of non-compliance of the external evaluation reports with the Bank's requirements, the specialized company may be excluded from the list of accredited External Appraisers.

The Applicant / Borrower at all stages of project implementation, within the deadlines set by the Bank, ensures that the External evaluator removes comments on the external evaluation report.

The Applicant / Borrower is recommended to make a final payment in the amount of 30-40% of the total value of the contract in the order of payment of the contract for the provision of project appraisal services until the comments on the external evaluation are completely eliminated and the Bank receives the External Appraiser's report.

In case of making significant changes to the project, the Bank may require the Applicant / Borrower to conduct additional or repeated external evaluation.

Property valuation and insurance List of accredited companies performing external legal assessment

After providing all the necessary documents, the authorized bodies of the Bank (the Credit Committee, the Board or the Board of Directors of the Bank) make a respective decision in respect of the Project.

The management Board of the Bank is authorized to make decisions on approval of the basic conditions for financing the Investment project and (or) Export operations in the amount not exceeding the equivalent of 17 (seventeen) billion tenge. At the same time, the Board of Directors approves the basic conditions for financing the Investment project and (or) Export operations in an amount exceeding the amount equivalent to 17 (seventeen) billion tenge.

In the event that the Authorized bodies of the Bank approve a positive decision on the financing of the Project, the process of concluding agreements for the provision of a loan instrument is in progress.

Standard contracts

Monitoring and cost management Requirements for ensuring

Loans provided by the Development Bank and issued guarantees must be secured by a pledge, guarantee and other means of ensuring the fulfillment of obligations provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The security must cover the obligations of the Applicant for the loan (principal, compensation for the grace period, if requested, and other expenses) in the form of:

  • Real estate and movable property *;
  • Property, including, which will be received in the future in accordance with the business plan or feasibility study of the project *;
  • Other types of security not prohibited by law *;

Loan currency: tenge, US dollars, Euro or other as required.

Interest rate:  the amount of the interest rate on the loan is calculated taking into account the average cost of borrowing, the evaluation of project risks and the level of administrative expenses.

* The value of collateral is determined in accordance with the market value calculated by the independent valuation company and applying the methodology for calculating the collateral value of the Bank.

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