“Welcome aboard”: Welcome to DBK

It has been almost two years since the “Kerek Adam” campaign organized by “Taiburyl” Public Association and the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, twenty-four graduates of Kazakhstan universities have successfully completed their internships, and seven of them, after weighing the pros and cons, found employment at Aktobe Rail and Beam Plant - major strategic industrial facility of the country. Newly graduated specialists appreciated the opportunity, and started studying the project from the inside, the construction of which was supported by DBK.

DBK team asked Dinara Serkebay, the project participant and one of the patronized students, about her life. Already confident and having gained valuable knowledge during her year at the plant, Dinara shared that the opportunity provided by DBK opened the doors to the future for her. “A paid internship is like a lottery ticket to the future for a student who graduated from university with only a technical degree and no work experience at all. I am very lucky. I responded to DBK consent and won my grant. So, I found myself in the right place, and met an incredibly warm and friendly team, which has become a second family for me,” noted Dinara Serkebay, an employee of Aktobe Rail and Beam Plant LLP.

This year, DBK continued its tradition of raising the country’s intellectual capital. Thus, together with Nazarbayev University, the Development Bank has launched a new DBK Case Competition among the university graduates. This time six graduates of the national leading university took part in the competition and the winner was offered an opportunity to become a part of the state development institution, namely a vacant position in the analysis and structuring transactions unit. Note that 2020-2021 graduates in economics and finance participated in the competition. The talent contest was held in three stages: test, situational analysis, and interview.

The competitive selection process has been completed and now Naila Gafur, a new young employee, has joined DBK team:

“For me, working in DBK is an opportunity to be involved in the economic development of Kazakhstan and to be useful for our country and society. Being an economist by profession and having a great interest in economics and finance, I believe I will have an opportunity to apply my knowledge and improve it here in the Bank. And considering what large-scale and complex projects DBK deals with, I’m sure it will be a great experience and I will learn a lot.

It is worth mentioning that today the human resources market has changed its trends significantly: now job seekers themselves are choosing the company that they will work for. Especially now, when society cares about the values companies promote, their development strategies focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR). The Development Bank of Kazakhstan is no exception, on the contrary, the state development institution sets new trends in this direction, which its partners-borrowers also strive for, providing new jobs to graduates.

Садыкулов А.

“For the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, people and their development are the most important assets. Today, when there is a trend towards staff shortage, investments in human capital cannot be overemphasized. As a development institution, we are always ready to invest in professionals and develop young people. Supporting university students has become a good tradition for us, since young professionals bring novelty and progress to any activity. Human capital is the basis of modernization. For example, as part of the “Idea Bank” social program, DBK rewards each new innovative idea with a cash prize. We are sincerely happy for every victory of our employee, on whose shoulders the future development of Kazakhstan stands,” shared Askar Sadykulov, the Head of Staff.

Askar Sadykulov is known to all new employees of DBK. It is he who first welcomes each new employee with the words “Welcome aboard: Welcome to DBK” and gives them a warm and mentoring talk. The “newcomers” share that they will remember this traditionally warm and kind welcome forever.

And that’s not all, the Bank has a tradition of personal welcome message from the Head of the Bank for new employees. Thus, Abay Sarkulov, the Chairman of DBK Management Board regularly meets with new employees in person, asks about their plans and the history of acquaintance with the national institute. DBK believes that such attention will allow quick and successful adaptation and will encourage them for faithful service to their country.

Thus, DBK has rightly become a flagship of human development. The Bank pays special attention to intergenerational continuity, mentoring and the introduction of internal coaches, and even has its mentoring incentive program. DBK mentors are employees sharing their skills and experience who have devoted their invaluable time and energy to the formation of the state development institution. Many of them joined the Bank’s team long time ago and are happy to share their knowledge with new employees. 


“DBK highly appreciates the Bank’s corporate culture and values. And its major value are powerful team, patriotism and good deeds. The Bank appreciates the role of each employee in the development of national institution, whose goals are inherent to the economic and social development of the country. And I am fairly certain that DBK employs true patriots of their work and homeland, who will never stay away from any problem. I know that Kazakhstan’s future is safe in the hands of such a good team,” said Askar Sadykulov.

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The Bank has become a kind of talent factory: many employees who started working at the Bank ran successfully for higher office in DBK, and some of them hold senior positions in other banking and government agencies. The Bank certainly contributed to the development of the country’s human capital.

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