An important part of ESG aspects is the high quality of corporate governance (G – Governance), which implies, among other things, the implementation of best practices in the field of ethics and anti-corruption in the Bank’s activities.

The Bank has an Anti-Corruption Policy, which was revised to meet the requirements of ISO 37001 and approved by a new version of the Bank’s Board of Directors on 28 December 2022.

The Bank’s Management Board reviews the results of anti-corruption monitoring on a quarterly basis, and annually approves the register of corruption risks updated following the internal audit of the anti-corruption management system and internal analysis of corruption risks. In order to ensure the continued suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the anti-corruption management system, the Management Board of the Bank analyses this system, the results of which are reviewed by the Board of Directors of the Bank.

The Board of Directors of the Bank has been approving and monitoring the implementation of the compliance program for several years, as well as reviewing issues regarding the anti-corruption management system.

As part of its review of investment projects, the Bank has determined that one of the criteria for assessing applicants for compliance with ESG principles is whether the applicant has anti-corruption measures in place to manage corruption risks.

Feedback between the Bank management team and customers and employees has been organized with the aim of preventing and mitigating the risks of fraudulent behavior of Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC employees.

Using this feedback, you can inform the management team of inappropriate behavior of the bank employees you are aware of that is likely to damage the interests or harm the reputation of the Bank. Each report will be certainly examined. Please note that we provide anonymity of the communication, but if you leave your contact details, we will notify you of the outcome.

You can send your message to the Compliance Controller using this early response form. Prior to completing the form please read the instruction . Compliance helpline: +7-7172-79-84-54.