The Human Resources Management Policy of Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC aims to build a highly effective human resources management and development model aimed at achieving the Bank’s strategic goals. The Bank continues the qualitative transformation of the HR function, as a result of which normative and regulatory documents have been drafted and implemented in almost all areas of HR activities:

  • HR cycle for staff recruitment and adaptation has been systematized,
  • a system of performance management (management by objectives) has been built,
  • a number of critical HR processes (annual leaves and business trips) has been automated,
  • a talent pool mechanism has been formed,
  • the training system has been reorganized to meet the needs of new business processes,
  • centralized training programs have been developed in a corporate format,
  • e-training (mandatory courses for new employees) based on the Bank’s internal portal are effectively implemented,
  • a library of courses aimed at self-development has been created, and activities to maintain the corporate culture are organized.

Among the Bank’s top priorities remains protecting employees’ health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The Bank insures its employees against accidents in the performance of labour duties on a mandatory basis.

In order to create a safe workplace health and safety environment, the Bank organized a “First Aid” seminar in December 2022, which was attended by the Bank’s employees .

Ensuring healthy and safe working conditions, as well as reducing the risk of occupational injuries and occupational diseases is carried out in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Policy of Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, approved with resolution of the Management Board of the Bank dated May 31, 2018.