The Bank’s first ESG rating

On 15 December, 2023, the international agency Sustainable Fitch assigned ESG Bank a rating of «3» and an overall score of 60, which indicates a high assessment among financial institutions in Kazakhstan.

The Agency noted the Bank’s key ESG initiatives, which had a positive impact on the ESG rating:

Management approach

Key initiatives of Kazakhstan's Carbon Neutrality Strategy 2060
Paris Agreement
  • Keep the global temperature increase within 2°C during this century and attempt to decrease to 1.5°C
  • Responsibilities of Kazakhstan: Development of nationally determined contribution (reduction of GHG emissions by 15% unconditionally until 2030)
Climate Ambition Summit
Responsibilities of Kazakhstan:
  • Achieving carbon neutrality by 2060
  • Development and adoption of an ambitious long-term strategy to reduce emissions and decarbonize the economy
Taxonomy of «green» projects
Taxonomy of «green» projects
  • RES
  • energy efficiency
  • green buildings
  • Prevention and control of pollution
  • Sustainable use of water, waste
  • Sustainable agriculture, etc.
  • Clean transport
Transition to social taxonomy
The proposed Taxonomy of Social Projects for ESG Finance Markets, developed and presented by the AIFC Green Finance Center to promote the further development of the sustainable finance market.
Strategy for achieving carbon neutrality of the Kazakhstan until 2060
The main goal is to achieve sustainable development of the economy of Kazakhstan to climate change and carbon neutrality by 2060. The medium-term goal is to reduce GHG emissions by 15% by 2030 relative to 1990 emissions.
Global Methane Initiative
The conference Kazakhstan joined the Global Methane Initiative at the CoP28 conference
New strategy of DBK for 2024-2033
Focus on sustainable development initiatives, new ESG KPI & Bank’s commitment to the decarbonization & climate change.

DBK under the ESG agenda
DBK’s ESG related documents
Sustainable Development Policy
May 2019
Development Strategy for 2014-2023
August 2021
Green bond Framework policy
February 2022
ESG criteria for assessing investment projects
January 2023
First Green bonds placement at KASE
March 2023
ESG Roadmap by 2026
April 2023
New Development Strategy
October 2023
first ESG rating from Sustainable Fitch with a score of 3
December 2023
Green Bond Issue on AIX with CBI Certification
December 2023
ESG Risk Management Framework
December 2023
Bank considers 14 of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals in its activities
9 key ESG initiatives according to the Bank’s new long-term Development Strategy
The Development Bank of Kazakhstan implements and integrates ESG factors into the decision-making processes for providing financial support and into the daily activities of both the Bank itself and its borrowers.
Energy efficiency, waste management
Sustainable investment in ESG (including green) projects
Climate change and low carbon development
Human capital, Health Safety Environment
Gender equality and inclusivity
Social projects
Board composition
Business ethics and compliance
DBK, being a socially responsible organization,
implements and integrates ESG factors in its activities
  • AIX/KASE/LSE green bond issue
  • GRI and TCFD Sustainability Reports
  • ESG criteria for borrowers
  • ESG scoring/rating
2025- 2026
  • Increasing the share of projects in the loan portfolio in line with the green taxonomy
  • Incremental disclosure of Scope 3 GHG Emissions (Projects/Borrowers)
  • Accreditation by Green Climate Fund
  • Increasing the share of projects in the loan portfolio in line with the green taxonomy
  • Increasing share of "green" projects in the loan portfolio
  • Share of projects in line with the SDGs – 100%