DBK places green bonds for the first time

«DBK is pleased to announce the debut issue of its green bonds. Considering the need to increase investments in infrastructure development, the funds raised will be used to finance green projects in the energy sector», – comments Nurlan Baibazarov, Chairman of the Management Board of DBK.

It should be noted green bonds are the corporate bonds and the purpose of these bonds is green projects that positively affect the reduction of anthropogenic impact on the environment and comply with the principles of ESG.

ESG principles mean doing business in which companies are responsible for the environment, promote high social responsibility and form a high quality of the corporate governance.

As part of the first bond issue, the Bank approved the Policy in the field of green bonds and received a positive opinion (Second Party Opinion) from the AIFC Green Centre.

BCC Invest JSC and SkyBridge Invest JSC acted as financial consultants and underwriters for the issue.

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