DBK took part in International Business Festival on Renewable Energy Sources

Marat Yelibayev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Development Bank of Kazakhstan took part in International Business Festival on Renewable Energy QazaqGreenFest 2023 as a speaker in the session "Green Financing in Kazakhstan: Prospects of the Development of Instruments of Affordable Funding for Renewable Projects". In his report Marat Yelibayev mentioned DBK is a part of the group of Baiterek National Managing Holding and it offers a wide range of tools for investment projects and not only standard financing, but also equity financing, issuing guarantees, leasing transactions and others.
 "DBK is open to the formation of syndicates and co-financing with international financial institutions and second-tier banks in the implementation of "green" projects and not only renewable energy, but also in general projects to reduce emissions to attract investments to Kazakhstan. Our mission is to develop the manufacturing industry and infrastructure, and we intend to do this in eco-friendly way," Marat Yelibayev said.
 It should be noted the financing of infrastructure projects, which also includes the renewable energy sector, accounts for 23% of the total loan portfolio of DBK. The total installed capacity of renewable energy projects supported by the Bank reaches 560 MW and this corresponds to almost a quarter of the capacity of such kind of projects in Kazakhstan in the first quarter of 2023.
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