Media representatives had a look at the work of the new Astana EXPO-2017 wind power plant


The construction of the first start-up complex for 50 MW of this WPP is a DBK’s investment project, as the Bank started financing the Company relating to this aim in December 2017. The cost of the Project is 45.1 billion tenge. The Bank provided a loan for a period of 10.5 years in the amount of 30.5 billion tenge. The Bank's subsidiaries also participated in the financing of the project: DBK-Leasing JSC and DBK Equity Fund (subsidiary of Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC and Kazyna Capital Management JSC).

           The WPP is located 40 km from the center of Nur-Sultan, within the boundaries of Kostomar village, Akmola region. 15 V112-3.3MW type wind turbines with a tower height of 84 meters and a rotor diameter (wind wheel) of 112 meters of the Vestas company - leading wind turbines manufacturer - are installed on the territory of the WPP. The construction of energy facilities and other infrastructure facilities necessary to ensure reliable operation of the WPP was carried out. During the construction of the WPP, up to 300 jobs were created, and up to 19 permanent jobs were created to service the station.


According to the head of the company Yedil Saryev, "innovative technologies for converting wind energy into electric energy were used during the construction of the wind power plant. Installed wind turbines are adapted to the cold climatic conditions of the region. Remarkably, the installed turbines had the longest transportation route to the installation site in the history of the delivery of wind turbines: more than 6 thousand kilometers from the factories, which are located in countries such as Germany, Denmark, Spain. It is also important to note that the installed type of turbine is the only type that uses a full-cycle energy converter, thereby achieving the best compatibility of the wind power plant with existing networks".


And administrative control complex equipped with the newest complex of automatic system control and process control for the production of electric energy from the territory of the station and remotely was built on site.

The planned annual output will exceed 150 million kWh/year after reaching the design capacity. As the second start-up complex of the WPP is launched, the total installed capacity of the station will increase to 100 MW.

"As President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev noted in his Address to the people of Kazakhstan dated September 2, 2019, it is necessary to intensify work to improve the state of environment, expand the use of renewable energy sources, cultivate respect for nature. At the same time, promoting the development of the energy sector, including through the implementation of renewable energy projects in the country, is a part of the mandate of the DBK as a national development Institute. The company's wind power plant is able to meet the needs of more than 10,000 families through renewable energy sources, thereby reducing the use of fossil fuels" - Aizhan Bitebayeva, senior banker of the DBK Directorate for customer relations, said in an interview.

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Taking into account the successful experience of the first start-up complex of the WPP, the Bank together with subsidiaries of DBK-Leasing JSC and DBK Equity Fund in August this year decided to finance 2nd start-up complex of the WPP for a total of 23.8 billion tenge in order to increase the capacity of the power plant to 100 MW.

In addition, today there are 4 projects in the field of renewable energy in the loan portfolio of DBK. In addition to the wind power plant in Kostomar villiage, there are construction of Turgusunskaya HPP-1 — the first hydroelectric power plant with capacity of 24.9 MW in small HPP cascade on the Turgusun river of East Kazakhstan region Zyryanovskiy district, Solar power plant "Jylga" in the Turkestan region with a capacity of 20 MW, Solar power plant of 100 MW in the Almaty region. The total amount of loans provided by DBK to projects in the field of alternative energy is 65.2 billion tenge.


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