DBK and EXIMBANK of Russia discussed business development opportunities

The top management of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, headed by Chairman of the Management Board Abay Sarkulov, met with representatives of EXIMBANK of Russia JSC with the participation of Chairman of the Management Board Azer Talybov.


During the meeting both sides discussed issues of bilateral cooperation, financing of joint projects, promising ways of interaction and exchange of experience. The mission of the banks is the same - financial support for non-commodity exporters in their region, increasing the competitiveness of domestic products in foreign markets.


Representatives of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan shared with their Russian colleagues the experience of financing export operations and investment projects.

The strategic partnership of the two development institutions will open up new opportunities for the business development of our states, namely, increasing the mutual trade and economic turnover. Today, within the framework of its mandate, the Development Bank of Kazakhstan provides support to domestic exporters and we are interested in the experience of a leading Russian bank.

- said Chairman of the Management Board Abay Sarkulov
Абай Саркулов

According to the representatives of the EXIMBANK of Russia, they’re also interested in bilateral cooperation and they believe that further joint dialogues will contribute to increasing the number of joint projects and the implementation of innovative ideas.

The EXIMBANK of Russia and the Development Bank of Kazakhstan have been cooperating for more than a year. We are expanding our cooperation, striving to use new formats of work that allow us to help entrepreneurs in Russia and Kazakhstan to develop business in high-tech and advanced industries, launch and successfully implement landmark international projects.

- stated Azer Talybov, Chairman of the Management Board of the EXIMBANK of Russia

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