Up to 700,000 tons of cargo will be processed this year by the TLC in Nur Sultan

Transport and Logistics Center of "A" class of Continental Logistics LLP in Nur-Sultan plans to process up to 700,000 tons of cargo by the end of the year.


At present, the capacity of TLC warehouses is 50,000 pallets, while the capacity of the loading and unloading zone is 1000 pallets per day, and the cargo processing capacity is more than 700,000 tons of cargo per year. More than six thousand food products, vegetables, household chemicals, appliances and other necessary products are stored here for uninterrupted provision of the needs of the population of the capital and regions.

In other words, it is a modern transport and logistics system that provides a high efficient logistics connection both within the country and abroad, which increases cargo flows throughout Kazakhstan. This is why TLC is unique. President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, who visited the warehouses of this center earlier, noted the importance of establishing uninterrupted supplies of products in a state of emergency in connection with the coronovirus pandemic.

Warehouse objects of "A" class favorably differ in the technical characteristics of the premises. For example, the ceiling height is at least 10 meters, adjustable temperature, anti-dust floors, etc.


Secondly, they are distinguished by providing high-quality logistics services, from customs clearance, unloading and sorting to labeling and distribution of goods to points of sale.

But today, only a small percentage of companies in this field are ready to fully provide this range of services. That is why the development of the market in the direction of Third Party Logistics – 3PL – a complex of services for storage, transportation, processing and management of cargo remains relevant.

TLC was commissioned in 2015 and has a huge macroeconomic effect on increasing the country's transit potential. According to the new strategy of the company, today the activity of TLC provides for the transition to an international model with the implementation of the concept "service of high-turnover goods to FMCG customers".

At the TLC, a special priority now is warehousing of agricultural and other products, which are part of the consumer basket aimed at keeping prices. At the same time, the use of state support tools for socially vulnerable segments of the population is taken into account. This approach will further increase the importance of TLC by the standards of national importance.

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According to experts, the above-mentioned TLC initiatives will allow the state to systematically achieve its goals and fulfill key tasks.

First, food prices will be lowered and product quality will be improved by applying high standards, which in turn should lead to lower inflation.

Secondly, the volume of local production and consumption of Kazakhstani products will increase. For this purpose, direct access to sales channels will be provided.

Third, the volume of tax revenues from distribution centers and the corresponding development of food retail in the region will increase.

Fourth, the growth of sales through civilized retail will be stimulated. Fifth, the share of agricultural and food exports and their transit through Kazakhstan will increase.

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It is noteworthy that the TLC in Nur-Sultan meets the requirements for warehouses of "A" class according to the international classification Knight Frank. Thus, it includes a container terminal, warehouse for temporary storage, customs control zones and related infrastructure, a Distribution center, as well as a dry and climate warehouse with a total area of 32,476 and 14,035 square meters, respectively. TLC uses the latest warehouse equipment, a special warehouse accounting system WMS, and provides flexible conditions for the largest regional companies that own cargo.

TLC provides a full range of logistics services for responsible storage with different storage temperatures (cold storage (0+6), freezers (-18), chambers with controlled gas environment and vegetable storage). Services are also provided for the acceptance, selection of orders and shipment of goods from client companies, as well as additional services related to the delivery-cleaning and unloading of railway cars and large-capacity containers, sorting of waste, inventory, etc. The presence on the territory of the TLC of the Customs Clearance Center of the State Revenue Department in the city of Nur-Sultan allows for all stages of the customs clearance process at one site (including screening) and the speed of customs clearance on-line, which allows you to maintain priority and file a declaration for 30 minutes. In addition, the TLC has a distribution center with an area of more than 26.6 thousand square meters, which provides lease to wholesale and retail businesses and companies associated with logistics activities. Simultaneous access of two types of transport – road and rail is also a great advantage of TLC.

Currently, TLC employs about 170 employees of the company, as well as a significant number of specialists associated with its operational activities.

"The goal of this project is to create a network of transport and logistics centers with infrastructure, modern storage terminals and production sites, integrated into the republic-wide transport and logistics structure, in accordance with the key areas of the Strategic Development Plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2050", said the Director General of TLC Igor Pereverzev.


Modernization of the TLC continues, including due to timely financing from Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC (a subsidiary of Baiterek Holding, which in March this year opened a credit line to Continental Logistics LLP for the modernization and reorientation of warehouses for servicing high-turnover FMCG products). The amount of the loan from the Bank was KZT 7 billion, with a term of up to 15 years. DBK Equity Fund, a subsidiary of DBK, is also involved in lending to TLC, which has attracted equity financing in the amount of KZT 4 billion. In accordance with the DBK development strategy, infrastructure facilities in the transport industry are one of the priority areas of financing.

"The need for active development of high-class transport and logistics centers in major hubs of our country is obvious, because to achieve the possibility of integrating domestic logistics into the international transport and logistics space is of great strategic importance for our country. Also, the successful functioning of the TLC ensures regional food security, which has shown itself very well in this difficult period," said Abay Sarkulov, Chairman of the Management Board of DBK.

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